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I'm ELLE from Bulacan, Philippines. :) Studying at CEU Malolos taking up BS Psychology.
November 23, 2009 - My Tumblr Birthday! Ü This tumbleblog is about me, my life.
My hippy name is Stone Wonder Cloud. I'm a sanguine girl. Clumsy, outrageous, nocturnal, weird, procrastinator, imperfect, kind, understanding, enthusiastic.
If I would be color, I’ll be VIOLET. In my spare time, I love reading books, listening to music or surfing the net. My ideal outfit are t-shirt, jeans, flip-flops or doll shoes.

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Life will never be perfect no matter how hard you try. Even if you pour your heart and soul into it, you will never have that perfection you seek. There will always be broken hearts. There will always be days where nothing goes right. But I have accepted and learned that even the most imperfect things will always be made better with love, laughter and joy.


So what?

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And from that, I therefore consider trusting people who do not say, declare or promise anything but prove everything. I still believe that action really speaks louder than words or whatever thing in this world.

  • Maputi ako.
  • Makinis ako. Walang pimples.
  • Matangos ang ilong ko.
  • Hindi malaki ang nuo ko.
  • Hindi malaki ang mata ko.
  • Hindi sabog ang kilay ko.
  • Hindi sungki ang ngipin ko.
  • Hindi masyadong bilugan ang mukha ko.
  • Maganda ang labi ko.
  • Natural straight ang buhok ko.
  • Sakto lang yung pisngi ko, di masyadong mataba.

Edi ako na walang magandang parte ng mukha. Hahaha! Perfectly imperfect man, ayos lang. Tanggap ko naman ang itsura ko, at masaya ako. Totoo. :-) At least, may mukha pa din. Wait, ano daw?!?

If you are rich, you have to be an idiot not to stay rich. And if you are poor, you have to be really smart to get rich.
John Green, The Greek Debt Crisis Explained in Four Minutes

When I was at that age, I was thinking about how will be my future. Not to the point, I am thinking for a man. It was the year that I am graduating for high school. There is of course an excitement but with that is the fear of what might happen to the future. I love my high school friends and I do not know how I will be in college without them. I was too dependent to them because they had been my big brothers and sisters. There is a fear of meeting and knowing people and the expectations that comes with it.

I was thinking what course I would take up and where school I am qualified. I was thinking if my parents would allow me to study at Manila or just let me here in Bulacan. I was thinking if the course I want is what my parents would want to. I was thinking if the course I will be taking suits my personality. Lastly, I was thinking if taking up that course would help me to be successful.

Maybe the wildest thing I ever think is will I be able to give my parents a great future. Will I be able to give them the kind of life that they had given me? Will I be able to give them the good life that they so much deserve?

However, there are times that I think and talk about love, but it was not extreme. Love that time was a good feeling. It was a sense of appreciation, admiration and attraction. That time.

It is not that I am talking like an old lady here huh. I am just giving my opinion that young ladies should not prioritize finding the ideal man. They, we, are so young. There are many things we can do, we need to do, and I would love to think it is our education. I am not saying that all we need to do is to study. We should study and at the same time, we should enjoy. Have fun, fun, and fun but do not forget that we need to learn.

Oh gosh, this thing is not going anywhere. This does not make sense anymore. I need to stop.

P.S. It is okay to be futuristic, just know your limitations. ;-)

People with a high opinion of themselves could pose a far greater threat to others than those with low self-worth… Those with a high self-esteem tend to damage other people, either because they are reckless and dangerous or because they are unpleasant.

Nicolas Emier - Social Psychologist, Reuters

November 27, 2001