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I'm ELLE from Bulacan, Philippines. :) Studying at CEU Malolos taking up BS Psychology.
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My hippy name is Stone Wonder Cloud. I'm a sanguine girl. Clumsy, outrageous, nocturnal, weird, procrastinator, imperfect, kind, understanding, enthusiastic.
If I would be color, I’ll be VIOLET. In my spare time, I love reading books, listening to music or surfing the net. My ideal outfit are t-shirt, jeans, flip-flops or doll shoes.

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Day 100 - Graduation Day! :-D

Day 70 - Practicum Graduation. :-)

YES!!! Exempted in the Behavioral Analysis because of the therapeutic approach method video we made. :-)

Hoooooooo! What a very awesomet feeling. One down! ♥

Thank you, Lord.

Thank you, Bebe Aika for helping us to have a client and being the videographer.

Thank you, Nikka for being our client.

Thank you, Jumaquio family for accommodating us.

Thank you for the editor of our video. Thank you, computer shop.

Thank you, Soc for our free print out write up.

Thank you, Mrs. Edna Liza M. Victoria for your great consideration and appreciation.

Thank you, Chum Arriane for being my partner. Cheers to us!! :-)

Though it was not a perfect video, I think what matter most and will, matter most is the effort we gave. BA subject is the most procedural subject this semester. And we made it. Hooray! :-)

Day 38 - Psych 2013. :-)

1. Procrastination – It is no surprise that this is my number one unpleasant behavior. As a teenager and a college student, most of us have this kind of behavior. I always avoid the given task especially if I know it is not yet important. I also see things less precedence that is why I tend to escape the needs of it to be done. The longer the time a task is given to me, the longer the time I procrastinate. I also delay chores that I think I cannot do now. As I tend to think different ways on how to do it, before actually doing or finishing it. As long as possible, I do things in hurry because I know in myself that it is the only time I could be productive. However, I know in myself that I always do this, which is never right.

2. Distraught – It is okay to be mad or confuse at times but when it is constant, there might be a problem. I believe that being distraught is my unpleasant behavior because it is not normal. Which could be possibly means it happens all the time. It may not be obvious but there are really times that I tend to be upset with such things. It could be small and simple, or huge and worst. In addition, if that situation happens, I am likely to be distracted and lose focus.

3. Low self-esteem – This behavior is unpleasant because it affects one’s personality. I see myself and judge it because I know what the things I can and cannot do are.  I also know my potential and my limitations. Having low self-esteem turn down my chances to do new things.  There are some situations too that I cannot evaluate myself. Sometimes, I know I am not the best, but there are also times, I feel better than the others do. It confuses me much what to feel about myself. As well as what to think and believe concerning my part.

Not that I really wanna share these with you guys. It just so happened that this my homework in Behavior Analysis, and I thought why don’t I post it here since I wrote this one in a blog way, not in a formal student way. 


So what?

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A university student delivers a pizza to an old man’s house. “I suppose you want a tip?” says the old man.

“That would be great,” says the student, “but the other guy who does deliveries told me not to expect too much - he said if I got 50p, I’d be lucky.”

The old man looks hurt. “Well, to prove him wrong, here’s five quid. What are you studying?”

“Applied psychology,” replies the student.

(via psychcomedy)

People with a high opinion of themselves could pose a far greater threat to others than those with low self-worth… Those with a high self-esteem tend to damage other people, either because they are reckless and dangerous or because they are unpleasant.

Nicolas Emier - Social Psychologist, Reuters

November 27, 2001

Rational as anything that promotes happiness and survival for the individual, and irrational as anything that inhibits personal happiness and survival.
Ellis and Harper (1975)