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It’s so funny that before, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Now? Yeah, you’re just somebody that I used to know.

The first time that Mama cried because of me was the night of my debut party. It was when were asked to held hands and give message to each other. Unfortunately, were not able to do it. We burst out the tears right away and the MC took over.

The second time was just a while ago and this exactly what happened (well, I kinda think):

Held at school today was the election of the alumni officers for our batch. Just like the usual, I was late. The very reason is I did not prioritize it (I am sorry), and I do not want to be elected (yes, escape responsibility much). When I was already at the dome, they are currently electing for the position of auditor. And when I am already at my seat, the election was done. Yay, sakto lang! Haha. Then there was a mini program about being alumni. So cute to see other graduates of CEU and how far they are right now. Moreover, two professors sang and they are cute to be true! :-D

After the program, there was a mini merienda. Then our dean and the adviser of MassCom told us that they would announce the sure graduating students so they ask us to go at the backstage. We all went there so we could talk and discuss it. And we are finally there, our dean announce the names who are really graduating on April. The name of my mates and I was called. That feeling you get when you are sure ball in the graduation. Haha! Then our dean told us that she would be announcing the awardees for the extra co-curricular.

And it seems that my heart stop beating. Yes. As if, my environment was at in pause mode. Like no sounds that I can hear now. Yes, I am very nervous. I really like to have an award for Papa and Mama. For them to have a cozy seat on the day of my graduation. I do not like them to seat at the bleachers because I know it will be too hot.

There it was! Our dean first announces my name (because it was alphabetical). Haha! My mates look at me with a surprise. Imagine my very shock and happy face. I am really really happy and shocked. Haha! I instantly hug Aika who was sitting beside me. I am freaking happy and I admit I have teary eyes. Did not expect that much kasi. Hoooo, thank you Lord!

Then the other names of awardees were called. Arriane and Aika who are my dearest friends also got a bronze medal, same with my classmate Kim. MassCom friends are also bronze and silver awardees respectively. Then it came to the announcement of gold medalist, Tummy and my ever Bok Jama was called. Yay, congrats to them! Especially to Jama who also got the presidential leadership award. Award na award talaga sa medal! Haha. Afterwards, the latin awardees was also called. Yeah to Aika and Kim. Haha!

Following the entire announcement was the smile all over our face. Yes, we are all very happy. Congrats to all of us! The hard works is now starting to be paid off. We greet each other, we hugged and congratulate. Then Aika and I went at South because she bought something then went at McDonald’s for me to eat (yes, only me. haha!). Before I order a food, we call Arriane to tell her the very good news. Syempre, we trick her by talking as if she did not have an award. Aika and I already feel the disappointment in her voice so we had to tell her the real best thing. And yes, she was shock too! And she was happy too that we know through her voice that she is crying. Haha! After I ordered my meal, I decided to go home since Jama is with his classmates and Aika wants to go home too. While riding at the bus, I was absorbing the fact that I have an award. I still cannot believe it. I almost cry. Almost. I am also thinking if I will already say it, or let days passed. However, when I open the gate my cousin Ryan shouted, “Mama nandito na si Ate Ellen”. Mama replied, “Oh? Nandyan na?”. Then I go inside and explode out the good news. “Mama, umabot ako!”. Mama was so shocked. “May award ako.” And then I hugged Mama, and she hugged me back. “Alin, yung sa ginawa mo?” Mama said. “Opo, yung pinasa ko” I replied. Then we hugged each other again. It was also the moment that we cried. Not the crying ladies type but the tears of joy of course. I know in that moment, Mama is so proud of me even though she did not tell it to me. :-)

I am very proud of myself. Even though it just a bronze medal, at least I have an award on graduation. I can let my Papa and Mama have a comfortable seat. Plus, they will be with me at the stage. Diba, sobrang nakakaproud. As in. After all the different hardships of us, reinforcement will be given. Haha!

I remember my classmate Jenelle told me a while ago, “Pauwiin mo si Papa!”. And that is my next goal. The award is for my parents and I want them both to witness it. So Papa, you should be here on my graduation, okay? I dedicate this simple award for you. You and Mama will attend the graduation of your only child. Haha! Oh Lord, please. Grant the wish of mine. Please. Please.

Hello people! Especially to my new followers. :-) Welcome to my lame tumbleblog! Yung totoo? Walang special dito. I blog about my life and I re-blog. This tumbleblog is composed of 60% personal rants and 40% re-blogs. :-))

Goodbye for the mean time. I’ll be out for the couple of days because my family will be spending the rest of the Holy week at Bolinao, Pangasinan. Hell yeah! Pangasinan, and why I emphasized Bolinao? Kasi yun na nag dulo ng Pangasinan. Mama told me that the house of my Uncle/Godfather (we’re staying on they’re place) are near the beach. We’ll just walk for a minutes and then yeah, we can swim on the beach for free. It’s been forever since I last swim on the beach, and I’m very excited! LOL. :-D

P.S. Sorry kung taglish, conyo weh. LOLJK! ;-))

I’ll be back, promise. And when I get back I’ll check all your tumbleblog and probably follow you all. ;-) To my old followers, just stay foot okay? Don’t ever think clicking my unfollow button. Thanks! :-*

Just keep safe everyone, see ye! ♥


BOY: Kamusta ang buhay ng pinakamamahal kong babae na hindi ko Girlfriend?

GIRL: Heto! Mahal na mahal ka kahit hindi kita Boyfriend.

Party! ;-)


Christine Reyes currently going hysterical on twitter. I wasn’t able to watch ASAP XV earlier. Does anyone know what she’s talking about?

Update :

HAHAHA. I’m curious. :P

Oooh. Interesting. Let’s follow her tweets, shall we? :P

Oh! Okay. So she didn’t say it on air. vv

Thanks for clearing that out. :))

Oooh! Okay. We all get it now.

Idol = SG. It’s Sarah Geronimo. :P

It’s all cleared up. :3

Hahaha. Just followed Cristine because of this. Go girl! =))

  • Juliet: Nate, this isn't me. You know that.
  • Nate: How would I ever believe anything you say again?
  • Blair: Well you can believe the part where she does her own hair.
  • Juliet: Nate, this isn't me. You know that.
  • Nate: How would I ever believe anything you say again?
  • Blair: Well you can believe the part where she does her own hair.
Day 6 - A photo that makes you laugh.
Sorry, mababaw kasi ako weh. HAHAHA :D

Day 6 - A photo that makes you laugh.

Sorry, mababaw kasi ako weh. HAHAHA :D