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I'm ELLE from Bulacan, Philippines. :) Studying at CEU Malolos taking up BS Psychology.
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Mama ko na mismo ang nagsabi. HAHAHA :-P

Uy kahoy, ano bang nagawa ko sayo? Bakit mo ako ginaganito? Bakit?! :-|

People involve:

  • Friend A. - Yung friend ko na nag-aaral sa UST. Sa profile nya nakita ko si Classmate B.
  • Classmate B. - HAHAHA! :”> Obviously, classmate sya ni Friend A. And sya talaga ang bida sa post na ‘to. ;))

Nakita ko kasi sa home page ng facebook yung mga pictures na nakatagged si Friend A. Out of curiosity, tinignan ko. Since mukhang maganda yung mga shots. So ayun, mga ilang pictures na din ni Friend A ang nakita ko. After nun, hindi pa ako nagsawa. Pinuntahan ko naman yung album nung mga pictures na yun. Ayun, tingin tingin pa din ng mga pictures. Wala naman din kasi akong magawa. After nun, hindi pa din ako nagsawa. Pinuntahan ko naman yung profile nung may ari ng mga pictures na nasa album. HAHAHA, gets pa? ;)

At ayun na, shoot! Natuwa ako sa kanya. :”> Hindi lang pala mga shots nya ang maganda, magandang lalaki din pala sya. BWHAHAHA! Siya si Classmate B. =)) He’s tall, slightly thin?, hindi gwapo pero effect naman. Ü

Dahil nga natuwa ako sa kanya, tinignan ko naman ang mga profile pictures nya. Meron syang 33 profile pictures, at nakita ko lahat yun. Stalking much? HAHA! Hindi naman, sadyang natuwa lang ako sa kanya.

Things I discovered about him? Here:

  1. He’s playing basketball.
  2. He loves The Beatles.
  3. He’s on Team Gibo.
  4. He uses Canon EOS-400D.
  5. He loves sleeping.
  6. He doesn’t believe in forever.
  7. He doesn’t smoke.
  8. He’s a religious man.
  9. AND he do have a great sense of humor.

Sobrang kinalikot ko ba ang profile nya? Hindi naman. Hanggang info page and profile pictures lang ako. Hindi ko na binasa yung mga nasa wall nya at di ko na din tinignan yung ibang pictures nya. Kahit na pwedeng pwede ko naman gawin. ;))

Ang daming pages ang ni-like nya. Pero alam mo kung ano yung the best? Eto:


LOL! Sobrang tinamaan ako. Kaya I guess, yun yung the best. HAHAHA

Kahit na nagkakaganito ako sa kanya, hindi ko sya inadd. Ewan, siguro nahihiya lang ako? Kahit na ba hindi nya alam ‘tong post na ‘to, nahihiya pa din ako. Tsaka si Friend A lang naman ang mutual friend namin, so wag na lang. :D Hmmm… Maybe next time? JK! =))

Ooppss… Did I mention that Classmate B is single? Ha, yeah he is. ;)) :”> :D

Sorry, hindi ko talaga sya feel panuorin. IDK why. :| Sabi nila maganda naman daw, pero ewan. Siguro manunuod lang ako kapag may nang libre sakin. (Hindi dahil sa gusto ko lang malibre, pero yun lang ang pwedeng maging dahilan. Pwede din siguro kung ipag-download nyo na lang ako). :D

Sino kaya yung nanalo? Ilang taon na kaya sya?

San nya kaya gagamitin yung napanalunan nya? :D

Ilang beses kaya sya tumaya? San nya kaya nakuha yung mga numerong tinayaan nya?

Paano kaya kung natutulog na sya ngayon. At bukas, magugulat na lang sya na isa na pala syang milonaryo. :)

Super congrats talaga sa kanya! Sana gamitin at magamit nya yung pera ng maayos. Yippee! =))

Of course I miss dancing! It’s been 4 months since the last time I dance. lol

So just a while ago, we had our first practice for Celas’ day. It was very short because we don’t have an enough time. Our schedules didn’t match. Instead of wasting time, we still meet up and have at least a short practice.

We just had the chorus part of Tik Tok and an introduction in the Just The Way I Are.

We all got it. Not bad for a less than hour of practice. ;)

We’ll be having another practice on Monday. Since it’s holiday and we don’t have classes, we’ll use it up.

It’s just the first day. Wait till we’ve already perfect the steps. ♥

So Mom is gone for more than an hour. She said she’ll go to a store for a load.

I’m busy here, doing something. (But no, this isn’t productive stuffs). :P

Then, I’ve realized she’s gone for quite long.

I look at our bedroom to check her. Maybe she’s already there and I just didn’t notice it.

But no, she’s isn’t there.

I look at the clock to check the time and it’s already past 10:00PM.

She won’t be gone too long for some reasons.

And if there’s a reason, she will surely tell it to me.



I gotta do something. I don’t think something happened to her but I can’t keep myself from worrying. It’s late and we’ll never know what may happen.

So I get my phone, hit her number and press call. (Of course, it’s only for a missed call. I don’t have enough load).

It ring!

After a minute, someone text me.

The text message is from my Mom!

She said: “Dito ako sa bakery. Nakikipag chismisan.”


OMG, Mom!!! Gossip girl mode? HAHAHA

Then, the worries are gone. :D

- "Archuleta"

Now I feel very safe. ♥

That was his reply when I asked him if he’s already at the Jcas (the place where we’re going to have our practice) around 3:30PM because that’s the time my class will end.

We’re texting for about 3 days. Not because of something. We’re just talking about our practice for our intermission for Celas’ day. (Our college’s day).

I think he’ll be the leader to our group this time because our Kuya and Ate are all busy with their OJT. (They won’t dance with us).

He ask for my help and opinions about the theme for our dance, the songs, costume, etc. (I felt like his right hand. LOL!).

We will start our practice tomorrow. Just ourselves, without a choreography. Wish us good luck! :D

P.S. Archuleta is my codename for him. ♥ I’m very excited to dance again. Let’s get it on! ;)

  • No new shoes.
  • No new bag.
  • No new accessories.
  • No new watch.
  • No new handkerchiefs.
  • No new notebooks.
  • No new pens.
  • No new pencils.
  • Nothing’s new! Damn. :S

Day 18 - A photo of one of your classes.

I don’t usually take picture inside our room. I’m too lazy to do it. :D This photo was taken by our classmate during our Foreign Language 2 (Mandarin) class. Our group is practicing for the Mandarin concert. ;) Ate Anne, Me, Erica and Arraine. We just strike a good pose.

Day 17 -drunk photo of you.

I’m not really drunk at that time, nor tipsy. :D